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Empowering The World To Experience Scuba Diving

Established in 2021 by passionate scuba divers Damien Calvignac and Cassandra Riddell, the International Scuba Diving Organization (ISDO) has grown from a vision for the safer development of the sport to a modern diving organization.

Our mission is to safely and sustainably grow scuba diving by empowering you to experience it with confidence.

  • We invest in digital technologies to provide the learning tools and resources needed to start and progress safely.
  • We help dive centers thrive by providing them with the means to increase revenue, and deliver a meaningful learning experience that students can trust and enjoy.

Our advanced online booking platform connects you with the most responsible and knowledgeable instructors, guides and scuba centers in the world.

From our headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, the ISDO team has a worldwide vision to grow the sport and enhance your experience.

Whether your goal is to learn how to dive, book an excursion, turn your passion into a career, or get the quality recognition your business deserves, you can trust in the ISDO to get you there.

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A unique online experience!

With our online platform and app you have access to powerful tools.

Social Community

A place where divers, professionals and dive centers can interact and share dive and trips.

Job Board

Revolutionising the way divers can search and apply to jobs. Dive centers can post an available position, dive professionals create a profile making it simple and easy to apply.

Information about Sites and Centers

Get insider tips and information on the best dive sites around the world. Explore top-rated dive centers in the diving industry.

We share our love for diving because it changed our lives.

From our experience, diving becomes more fun the more you progress. We know there is a path to accelerate the process of learning to dive. We want to share it with you because we believe nothing is more satisfying, fun and rewarding than the feeling of learning to dive better on some of the best dive sites on earth.

It’s about the people.

Our #1 focus is to have the most passionate and professional dive instructors at each destination. Our team members consider it a personal mission to provide the absolute best diving experience for beginners and intermediates.

You will develop a connection with your instructor who genuinely cares about your progression and shares their knowledge throughout the course.